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Chapter 5 Vocabulary

EGYPT --Academic Vocabulary Tier 3

Cataracts- dangerous, fast-moving waters
Delta- a fan-shaped area of marshy land near where a river flows into the sea
Shadoof- a bucket attached to a long pole, used to move water for irrigation
Papyrus- a reed plant that grows along the Nile River
Hieroglyphics- a writing system made up of picture and sound symbols
Dynasty-a line of rulers from one family
Theocracy- a government in which the same person is the political and religious leader
Pharaoh- ruler of ancient Egypt
Bureaucrat- government official
Embalming- the process of preserving dead bodies
pyramid -a great stone tomb built for an Egyptian pharaoh
incense- a material burned for its pleasant smell
envoy- a person who represents his country in a foreign place
savanna -a flat grassland, sometimes with scattered trees, in a tropical or subtropical region
textile -woven cloth

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