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Letter To Parents

To: Tenacious Tiger Families

Dear Tenacious Tiger Families,
            As the second quarter continues, we will begin an exciting project with a partner school in Istanbul, Turkey.  This is our 4th year partnering with Ms. Bilgen Tezcan’s class.  Each year our project evolves and the experiences for both sets of students are immeasurable.  This year, Ms. Tezcan’s students will work on their communication skills, and our students will learn about the Turkish culture in the 21st century using a multi-media platform.  We will use our Google Drives in partnership with Ms. Tezcan’s students to create projects that compare both cultures.  The student’s projects can be accessed at anytime by students and teachers and will be worked on throughout quarters two and three. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at
Thank you for your continuous support!

Mrs. Blackburn

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